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En Route

Atlanta to Tokyo to Bangkok

22 hours in transit is not too terrible when you cash in 360,000 Delta points to fly business class.


We had seats in the upper deck which felt much like a private lounge. The downside to the pod arrangement is that you can't snuggle up or even have a conversation without getting out of your seat and crossing the aisle. About 13 hours into the first leg of the flight the dehydrated air got the best of me and I had a gusher of a nose bleed. One hand to nose, sprinting to the loo, only to face the complexities of keeping the automatic water shut off knob on without spewing too much gore. I managed to just get more towels on the offending nose before I decided that an ice pack was the first order of business, clean up would have to wait. Yes, I was not a pretty sight as I hailed the flight attendant, got the nose under control, then back to the loo. Fortunately the white T-shirt (now a lovely red print) could be replaced with my white wrinkle proof travel shirt.

All in all we were in flight for 15 hours, Atlanta to Tokyo, with a two hour layover in Tokyo, then 6 hours to Bangkok. Formalities in Bangkok were somewhat confusing as some nationalities need to get an instant visa and it is not absolutely clear which countries, so we needlessly waited in line only to be directed to the main border crossing. After 22 hours in transit and close to midnight, Bangkok time, we were not the sharpest crayons in the box. However, our best decision was to hire a driver through Oriental Escape who was waiting for us as we left the secured area and deposited us without delay at the Marriott Sukhumvit.

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